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Planning Reports

Coastal Resources Management Technical Assistance   Final Report
Land and Water Quality Protection Final Report
The Coastal Resiliency Final Report
The FY11 12 Coastal Resources Technical Assistance Final Report
Coastal Zone Program   Land & Water Quality Protection Final Report
Hampton Roads Coastal Resources Technical Assistance Program Fiscal Year 2011   2012
PEP 13-03
Climate Change in Hampton Roads:Phase III Sea Level Rise in Hampton Roads
Reducing Nutrients on Private Property: Evaluation of Programs, Practices, and Incentives
HRPDC Special Report 15   Groundwater Levels Recover as International Paper Negotiates Permit
Hampton Roads Coastal Zone Resources Technical Assistance Program FY 2010 2011
Chesapeake Bay Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan: Hampton Roads Regional Planning Framework, Scenario, and Strategies
Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan   Local Program and Adoption Documents
Regional Solid Waste Management Plan for Southeastern Virginia
Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan
Special Report New Federal Facilities Map
Climate Change in Hampton Roads
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Annual Report to DHCD
TMDL Implementation Plans for Mill and Powhatan Creeks
Hampton Roads Watershed Roundtable
Climate Change in Hampton Roads
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February 17, 2017 - Katie Cullipher, Principal Enviornmental Education Planner
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