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Annual Economic Forecasting

Each January, staff prepare and deliver a regional economic forecast for the year ahead.  The forecast presentation includes a review of local and national trends and provides a forecast for gross regional product, employment, unemployment, retail sales, and construction for the year ahead.  The Commission’s regional economic forecast is available by clicking here.

Long-Range Forecasting

HRPDC staff prepares long-range socioeconomic forecasts collaboration with member jurisdictions to assist with planning efforts across the region.  The socioeconomic forecast is used in preparation of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization’s Long-Range Transportation Plan, as well as other capital improvement plans.  In January 2013 the HRPDC Board approved the 2040 Socioeconomic Forecast. An explanation of the 2040 forecast methodology along with detailed disaggregated information at the TAZ level is available in a report released by the HRTPO and is available here. The 2045 Socioeconomic Forecast was approved in July 2017.


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