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HRDB Current Initiatives


Disability Insurance: What You Need to Know,
April 24, 2018

Presentations from the Disability Insurance: What You Need to Know event:

Abled, Not Disabled: 2017 Regional Conference on Persons with Disabilities

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Conference Program/Agenda

Conference Powerpoints, Handouts, Presenter Bios and other Materials (by session, as available)

Opening Plenary: Providing World Class Customer Service to Customers & Clients with Disabilities

Basic Priniciples of ADA (Title I) - Employment Session

Hoarding as a Disability Session

Tips and Techniques in Creating an ADA Compliant Agency Session

Crisis Intervention Team Session

Making Housing Accessible Session

Reasonable Accommodations Part I Session

Employment Options and Resources Session




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Crisis Intervention Team Symposium on Mental Health




The Americans With Disabilities Act: For Everyone, Everyday


The ADA: Title II Training, June 29, 2015, Part 1

The ADA: Title II Training, June 30, 2015, Part 2

The ADA: Title II Training, June 30, 2015, Part 3

The ADA: Transportation Title 11-Section B Symposium, September 30, 2014

Part 1-Featured Presentation: ADA Transportation Title 11-Section B

Part 2-Featured Presentation: ADA Transportation Title 11-Section B-Questions and Answers

Part 3-Panel Discussion: Transportation Regional Perspective

 ADA: Equal Opportunity Employment Symposium, May 29, 2014


The Hampton Roads Disability Board

  • Provides information and resource referral to citizens and local governments regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Informs and educates the community about issues, barriers, and options, to ensure that persons with physical and sensory disabilities can participate to the fullest extent possible.
  • Raises public awareness and advises long-range county and state planning agencies about the needs of area residents who have physical and/or sensory disabilities.
  • Serves as a reference for county residents with disabilities; creates support linkages between services for the disabled and residents that might find these services beneficial.
  • Encourages and supports communication among service providers to improve the coordination and the availability of services for persons with disabilities.
  • Exchanges information with other regional organizations and State DSBs regarding services to persons with physical and sensory disabilities and the best practices in the delivery of services.



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