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Issues related to housing are incredibly complex. There are numerous housing-related concerns, including homelessness, temporary housing, evictions, affordability, accessibility, foreclosures, concentrated poverty, workforce housing, military housing, assisted living, and housing supply. Each issue intersects with other societal constructs, including employment and workforce opportunities, transportation, healthcare, crime and safety, education, culture, and quality of life.

Addressing housing-related issues in Hampton Roads is further complicated by the numerous federal, state, regional, and local organizations attempting to assist with programs and funding.

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission recognizes that understanding the complex structure of housing is necessary before long-term progress can be made in the housing arena. In October 2022, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) approved the creation of a Housing Workgroup to begin the critical work in understanding the region's housing needs and the importance of establishing a multi-discipline approach. The Housing Workgroup held its inaugural meeting in January 2023, with a follow-up meeting in March 2023 that was held in conjunction with the Regional Transportation Advisory Panel.    

The HRPDC is seeking to commission a first-of-its-kind study to examine the entire housing landscape that is unique to Hampton Roads. Regional leaders have been meeting regularly to identify this plan's key components and the necessary funding to support this endeavor. The study and resources from this effort can then serve as the foundation for addressing and guiding regional initiatives intent on providing adequate housing for all of our residents. 

For Hampton Roads Regional Housing Assessment Working Group meetings, please click here.

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