Sea Level Rise Viewing Tools

Federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities have developed tools to explore the impacts of sea level rise both locally and nationally. These tools allow the user to view different sea level rise scenarios by selecting a specific water level or year. To understand sea level rise impacts in more detail, some tools also include data to help identify:

Several of these free, online tools are highlighted in the following table. Click on the links below the table to explore the tools and view potential sea level rise impacts in your neighborhood. Check marks indicate infrastructure, societal, or environmental data is included.

A table of sea-level rise on-line tools and descriptions

Adapt Virginia Interactive Map (Virginia only)

CCRFR Sea Level Rise Tool (Virginia only)

Climate Central’s Coastal Risk Screening Tool

Climate Central’s Surging Seas Risk Finder

NOAA Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer