Public Participation Plan

HRPDC Vision for Public Participation

The Hampton Roads Planning District (HRPDC) is one of 21 Planning District Commissions in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a regional organization representing the 17 local governments of the Hampton Roads area. The HRPDC Vision for Public Participation is part of a comprehensive effort to inform, increase awareness, and engage interested parties in our regional planning processes. The HRPDC Vision for Public Participation incorporates input from local and regional stakeholders and interested persons. The HRPDC Vision for Public Participation will serve as the blueprint for HRPDC public involvement and outreach activities and will be reviewed periodically. Whenever this plan is materially revised, it will undergo public review and HRPDC Board approval.

For any questions, please contact the Community Affairs and Civil Rights Administrator at (757) 420-8300 or at

Click here to download the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) Public Participation Plan.

HRPDC Resolution Adopting and Approving the HRPDC Public Participation Plan