It's In Our Hands Tool Box

Below are the graphics, fonts, logos and video materials available for the "It's In Our Hands" campaign to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Hampton Roads. The campaign’s theme “It’s in Our Hands” encourages residents of all ages that they are the keys to stopping the spread of the coronavirus and to keeping the Hampton Roads region open and thriving.  The campaign reminds residents and visitors to follow essential behaviors such as wearing a mask, keeping 6 feet apart, washing hands, and sanitizing high-touch areas to help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection within our community. 

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30 Second Video

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It's in Our Hands-Hand Washing 1408x384 It's in Our Hands-Mask 1408x384 It's in Our Hands-Hand Washing 888X240 It's in Our Hands-Mask 888x240


Social Media

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Social-Safety-DISINFECT-1080x1080 Social-Safety-DISTANCE-1080x1080 Social-Safety-HANDS-1080x1080 Social-Safety-MASK-1080x1080 Social-Safety-ALL-1080x1080 


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