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National Disaster Resilience Competition

National Disaster Resilience Competition

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On June 14, 2014, President Obama announced the National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC). Responding to demand from state, local and tribal leaders who are working to increase the safety and security of their communities, the nearly $1 billion competition invited communities that have experienced natural disasters to compete for funds to help them rebuild and increase their resiliency in future disasters.

The competition supports innovative resilience projects at the local level while encouraging communities to adopt policy changes and activities that plan for the impacts of extreme weather and climate change and rebuild affected areas to be better prepared for the future. For example, applicant projects will promote community development goals, ensure meaningful public engagement and participation, and build collaborations with neighboring jurisdictions and stakeholders who are critical partners in preventing, mitigating, and recovering from disasters.

There is nearly $1 billion in Housing and Urban Developmen (HUD) Disaster Recovery funding eligible to all states and local governments that experienced a Presidentially-declared major disaster in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In Hampton Roads, Hurricane Irene was the qualifiying event.

The NDRC is a two phase competition that will competitively award the HUD funds. Phase I was completed March 27, 2015. The Commonwealth of Virginia's Phase I concept, primarily focused on initiatives in the cities of Norfolk and Chesapeake, received an invitation to propose projects in Phase II.

Virginia and it's partner communities in Hampton Roads finalized the projects and submitted a proposal for Phase II of the National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC). To review the plan proposal, click HERE or copy and paste the following URL into your web browser: http://www.dhcd.virginia.gov/index.php/virginias-resiliency-plan.html

See the links below to learn more about the NDRC and Virginia's efforts, click the links below.

Resiliency- A resilient community is able to resist and rapidly recover from disasters or other shocks with minimal outside assistance. Reducing current and future risk is essential to the long-term vitality, economic well-being, and security of all communities. By identifying future risk and vulnerabilities, resilient recovery planning can maximize preparedness, save lives, and bring benefits to a community long after recovery projects are complete.


Phase I-The Framing Stage

Phase II-The Implementation Stage


Virginia NDRC Projects


To learn more about the Commonwealth of Virginia's Resiliency Plan, click HERE.Hampton Roads: Resiliency is in our Regional DNA!

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