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National Disaster Resilience Competition

Phase II: The Implementation Phase

In Phase II, the highest scoring applicants from Phase I were invited to fully articulate a resilience-enhancing disaster recovery or revitalization project or program that addresses their identified risks, vulnerabilities, and community development opportunities. HUD only invited an applicant to compete in Phase II if it committed to taking a permanent resilience-enhancing action. For example, a state or county might have coordinated or merged local plans or requirements in a way that will clearly enhance community resilience. This may be accomplished by incorporating hazard mitigation assessments into forward-looking comprehensive plans that have been updated to consider climate change impacts.

Virginia and it's partner communities in Hampton Roads finalized the projects and submitted a proposal for Phase II of the National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC). To review the plan proposal, click HERE or copy and paste the following URL into your web browser: http://www.dhcd.virginia.gov/index.php/virginias-resiliency-plan.html

At the end of Phase II, HUD anticipates awarding grants to multiple winning applications, with funding levels ranging from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000.

Applicants Invited to Submit Proposals in Phase II

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

State of Kansas

State of Mississippi

State of Oregon

State of Alaska

Commonwealth of Kentucky

State of Missouri

Dauphin County,Pennsylvania

State of California

Jefferson Parish,Louisiana

State of Montana

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

State of Colorado

New Orleans, Louisiana

State of New Jersey

Shelby County, Tennessee

State of Connecticut

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

State of New Mexico

State of Tennessee

Chicago, Illinois

State of Louisiana

New York City, New York

State of Texas

Cook County, Illinois

Springfield, Massachusetts

State of New York

State of Utah

DuPage County, Illinois

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Minot, North Dakota

Commonwealth of Virginia

State of Illinois

State of Michigan

Moore, Oklahoma

State of Washington

State of Iowa

State of Minnesota

State of Oklahoma

State of West Virginia

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