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National Disaster Resilience Competition


The National Disaster Resilience Competition is a year-long competition structured in two phases: the framing phase and the implementation phase.

  • Phase I applications are due to HUD by March 27, 2015. (Complete)

  • HUD anticipates notifying applicants if they have been accepted in June 2015. (Complete)

  • If invited by HUD to participate in phase two, DEP will have 120 days after the date of an invitation letter to design and develop project(s).

  • Webinars delivered roughly once a week by HUD staff to all interested parties

  • October 27, 2015, Phase II applications due to grants.gov

  • October-December 2015, HUD review phase

    • HUD anticipates taking up to 60 days after the phase two submissions before announcing awards.

  • Announcement of successful Phase II proposals, January 2016

    • HUD must obligate the funds (sign a grant agreement) by Sept. 30, 2017.

    • Grantees will have 24 months to expend the funds after obligation.