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Regional Planning Committee

The Regional Planning Committee is a new Committee being created from an expanded Hampton Roads Chesapeake Bay Committee and a proposed Environmental Planning Committee. It will be tasked with addressing environmental sustainability, energy conservation, green infrastructure, climate change, water quality, and other planning issues that may cut across functional lines.

Joint Environmental Committee

The Joint Environmental Committee is recognized as a formal advisory committee to the Commission.  It provides a vehicle for integrating the work of the Regional Stormwater Management, Hampton Roads Chesapeake Bay and Regional Planning Committees.  It provides recommendations, based on the work of those committees and subcommittees, to the HRPDC.  Click here for meetings.

Hampton Roads Chesapeake Bay Committee

The Hampton Roads Chesapeake Bay Committee focuses on implementation of the local Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act Programs.  Click here for meetings.

Hampton Roads Watershed Roundtable

The Hampton Roads Watershed Roundtable is a vehicle for information exchange, education and development of technical recommendations among representatives of the private sector and local governments.  The Roundtable focuses on water quality, green building and energy issues.  Click here for meetings.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program Subcommittee

This subcommittee has been established to facilitate coordination of local government programs being developed through the federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program, which was funded through the 2009 federal stimulus funding. 

Urban Forestry Roundtable

This ad hoc committee is examining potential regional planning for urban forest management and restoration, potential tree canopy legislation and related issues.

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