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Green Infrastructure

Land use planning, at its best, is focused on providing healthy, high quality communities for the citizens of Hampton Roads. Well-planned communities are places where people want to live and where businesses want to locate. As scientific understanding of people’s interaction with the environment has improved, the sophistication of land use planning has advanced significantly. Computer-based mapping tools and detailed satellite imagery combined with advances in landscape ecology have fostered the ability to plan open space networks that meet multiple land use planning objectives. These open space networks have the potential to save many high value natural attributes while simultaneously accommodating well-planned development. This approach to open space planning is known as “green infrastructure.”

The HRPDC has completed two major green infrastructure analysis projects and a summary report of green infrastructure activity in the region. These reports along with presentations from green infrastructure workshops hosted by the HRPDC are available below for download. 

Geographic information systems (GIS) data is available for download in the individual project pages as well.



*GIS Data Available Online

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