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Green Infrastructure Workshops

The second in a series of workshops on green infrastructure topics was held on Thursday, September 14, 2006 at the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Board Room in Chesapeake, Virginia. Funding for the workshop was provided by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. The focus of the second workshop was the funding and implementation of green infrastructure. The following is a list of the workshop speakers, a brief description of the topics covered and links to the associated PDF files.

  • Mr. Eric Walberg, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission: Introduction to the concept of green infrastructure and overview of the Hampton Roads Conservation Corridor Study. (Presentation PDF)

  • Mr. Dan Nees: University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center: The role and structure of the financing process, the use of green infrastructure as a financing structure and characteristics of a successful financing strategy. (Presentation PDF)

  • Mr. David Carter, Trust for Public Land: Information on the approach that TPL takes in advancing open space protection. A synopsis of land conservation ballot measures nationally and in Virginia highlighted the large number of successes for the period 1998 - 2005. (Presentation PDF)

  • Ms. Caren Schumacher, Williamsburg Land Conservancy: A detailed description of the organization and work of the Williamsburg Land Conservancy. (Presentation PDF)

  • Ms. Tyla Matteson, Hampton Land Conservancy: a description of the start-up of the Hampton Land Conservancy. (Note: No corresponding Powerpoint file is available for this presentation.)

  • Ms. Emily Clifton, Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission: Overview of the development and application of a Green Infrastructure Plan for Prince George’s County in Maryland. (Presentation PDF)

  • Ms. Barbara Bodenstein: Elizabeth River Project: An overview of the work of ERP with emphasis on restoration plans for Paradise Creek. (Presentation PDF)

  • Mr. Gene Crabtree: Natural Resources Conservation Service: A discussion of the range of cost share programs available to private landowners in Hampton Roads to protect and restore features such as riparian buffers and wetlands. (Presentation PDF)

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