Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHRPDCVA


Local Planning Services

Comprehensive Planning

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission offers comprehensive planning services to its member localities when assistance is requested. These services include literature and regulatory review, analysis of socioeconomic, environmental transportation and land use data, associated mapping and graphics work, development of policy and implementation strategies in cooperation with local staff and support for the public involvement process.

Previous efforts include working with the city of Franklin, the town of Windsor, the city of Williamsburg, and Gloucester County.

Special Planning Studies

The HRPDC also provides specialized planning studies on particular topics identified by local governments as requested. 

Parks and Recreation Plans

The HRPDC has developed parks and recreation plans for the city of Franklin and for Southampton County.

Watershed Plans

The HRPDC developed a watershed plan for the Northwest River in Chesapeake through cooperation with the City and The Nature Conservancy.

Historic Resources Database

HRPDC staff completed the Regional Historic Resources Geographic Information System (GIS) Database for Hampton Roads. It is based on the survey data contained in the Data Sharing System developed and maintained by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR), and is being locally expanded and refined. The result will be a database that can be used by government agencies for planning purposes and by others for research purposes.


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