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Below is a list of acronyms frequently used on the HRPDC website and in our reports.

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3-C - Continuing, Cooperative and Comprehensive

ACAMS – Automated Critical Asset Management System

AMSC - Virginia Area Maritime Security Committee

ARC - American Red Cross

ASPR - Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials

ACOE/COE - United States Army Corps of Engineers

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

ADT - Average Daily Traffic

BEA - Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS -  Bureau of Labor Statistics

BMP - Best Management Practices

CAO - Chief Administrative Officer (City Managers/ County Administrators)

CBLA - Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance

CBPA - Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act

CBRNE - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CEDS - Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

CELCP - Coastal & Estuarine Lands Conservation Program

CFR - Code of Federal Register

CHKD - Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters

CIKR - Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality

CMP - Congestion Management Process

CMS - Congestion Management System

COE/ACOE - United States Army Corps of Engineers

COPS - Community Oriented Policing Services

COTP - Captain of the Port

CPM - Coastal Plain Model

CSB - Community Service Board

CTAC - Citizens Technical Advisory Committee

CWA - Clean Water Act

CWP - Center for Watershed Protection

CZMA - Coastal Zone Management Act

DCR - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

DEM - Virginia Department of Emergency Management

DEQ - Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

DHR - Virginia Department of Historic Resources

DHS - United States Department of Homeland Security

DMME - Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals & Energy

DOD - United States Department of Defense

DRPT - Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

DUC - Directors of Utilities Committee

EIA/EIS/EIR - Environmental Impact Assessement/Statement/Report

EMS - Emergency Management Systems

EMTASC - Hampton Roads Emergency Management Training, Analysis & Simulation Committee

EOD - Explosive Ordinance Disposal

EOP - Emergency Operations Plan

EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency

ERP - Elizabeth River Project

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI WMD - Federal Bureau of Investigation Weapons of Mass Destruction

FFY - Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 - September 30)

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

FMLA - Family & Medical Leave Act

FRAC - First Responder Authentication Credential

FSE - Food Service Establishment

FTA - Federal Transit Administration

FTAC - Freight Technical Advisory Committee

FY - Fiscal Year

GA - General Assembly

GAO - United States General Accounting Office

GI - Green Infrastructure

GIS - Geographic Information System

H2O - Help to Others Program

HAZMAT - Hazardous Materials

HJR - House Joint Resolution

HOEPS - Healthcare Organizations Emergency Preparedness Seminars

HOME - Department of Housing and Urban Development Housing Funding Program

HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle

HR - Hampton Roads

HR CLEAN - Hampton Roads Litter Control, Recycling and Beautification Program (part of HRGreen)

HR FOG - Hampton Roads Fats, Oils and Grease, Wastewater Education Program (part of HRGreen)

HR GREEN - Hampton Roads Umbrella Education Program

HR STORM - Hampton Roads Stormwater Management Education Program (part of HRGreen)

HR WET - Hampton Roads Water Efficiency Team, Water Conservation Education Program (part of HRGreen)

HRAEE - Hampton Roads Association of Environmental Educators

HRHC - Hampton Roads Housing Consortium

HRICAC - Hampton Roads Interoperable Communications Advisory Committee

HRLFP - Hampton Roads Loan Fund Partnership

HRMFFA - Hampton Roads Military & Federal Facilities Alliance

HRMMRS - Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System

HRMMST - Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team

HRPDC - Hampton Roads Planning District Commission

HRSD - Hampton Roads Sanitation District

HRT - Hampton Roads Transit

HRTacRAN - Hampton Roads Tactical Regional Area Network

HRTPO - Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization

HSEEP – Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program

HSGP - Homeland Security Grant Program

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development

IEPCIL - Insight Enterprises, Inc. Peninsula Center for Independent Living

IJ - Investment Justifications

IRS - Internal Revenue Service

IT - Information Technology

JEC - Joint Environmental Committee (not Regional Environmental Committee)

JLUS - Joint Land Use Study

LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Commission

LiNX - Law Enforcement Information Exchange

LOS - Level of Service

LRTP - Long Range Transportation Plan

MMRS - Metropolitan Medical Response System

MOA - Memorandum of Agreement

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MPA - Metropolitan Planning Area

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

MS4 - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area

MTS - United States Marine Transportation System

MTSRU - Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit

MTSU - Marine Transportation System Unit

NEPA - National Environmental Protection Act

NHS - National Highway System

NIMS – National Incident Management System

NIPP - National Infrastructure Protection Plan

NOIRA - Notice of Intended Regulatory Action

NVRC- Northern Virginia Regional Commission

OCME - Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

OCP - Virginia Office of Commonwealth Preparedness

OEM - Office of Emergency Management

ORION - Overlay Regional InterOperability Network

PARS - Permit Administration and Reporting System

PDC - Planning District Commission

PEMS - Peninsulas Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

PNRS - Project Notification & Review System

RASA - Regional Aquifer-System Analysis

RCPG - Regional Catastrophic Program Grants

REC - Regional Environmental Committee (formerly JEC)

REMI - Regional Economic Models, Inc.

REMTAC - Regional Emergency Management Technical Advisory Committee

RLRP - Rural Long Range Transportation Plan

RSMC - Regional Stormwater Management Committee

RTTC - Rural Transportation Technical Committee

SARA - Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SCC - State Corporation Commission

SDWA - Safe Drinking Water Act

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

SPSA - Southeastern Public Service Authority

SpN - Special Needs

SSO - Sanitary Sewer Overflow

SSORS - Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reporting System

STIP - Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

Stormwater Phase I Permits - The Cities of Chesapeake Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach

Stormwater Phase II Permits - The Cities of Poquoson, Suffolk, Williamsburg and the Counties of Isle of Wight, James City and York.

SWAMP - Southern Watersheds Special Areas Management Program

SWAP - Source Water Assessment Program

SWCB - State Water Control Board

SWM - Stormwater Management

TA - Technical Assistance

TAC - Technical Advisory Committee

TAZ - Transportation Analysis Zone

TBD - To Be Determined

TEMS - Tidewater Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

TIP - Transportation Improvement Program

TMDL - Total Maximum Daily Load

TNC - The Nature Conservancy

TPO - Transportation Planning Organization

TRB - Transportation Research Board

TTAC - Transportation Technical Advisory Committee

UA - Urbanized Area

UASI - Urban Areas Security Initiative

UAWG - Urban Area Working Group

ULI - Urban Land Institute

UPWP - Unified Planning Work Program

USC - United States Code

USGS - United States Geological Survey

VACIPRSP – Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resiliency Strategic Plan

VCZMP - Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program

VDEM - Virginia Department of Emergency Management

VDH - Virginia Department of Health

VDHCD - Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

VDOA - Virginia Department of Aviation

VDOT - Virginia Department of Transportation

VDRPT - Virginia Department of Rail & Public Transportation

VFC - Virginia Fusion Center

VHDA - Virginia Housing Development Authority

VHHA - Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

VIMS - Virginia Institute of Marine Science

VMASC - Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center

VMT - Vehicle Miles Traveled

VOAD - Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters

VPA - Virginia Port Authority

VPDES - Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

VPPSA - Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority

VSMP - Virginia Stormwater Management Program

VSP - Virginia State Police

WATA - Williamsburg Area Transit Authority

WebEOC - Web-Based Emergency Operations Center Software

WHRO - Public Telecommunications Center for Hampton Roads

WIP – Watershed Implementation Plan

WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

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