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These files comprise the final report accepted by HRPDC on July 21, 2011 and subsequently distributed to member jurisdictions for consideration and action at local public hearings. The updates approved in 2019 were submitted to DEQ’s new online database VAHydro. An updated Regional Water Supply Plan report was not created.

Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan Cover Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan (July 2011), 292 pp., PDF (60 MB) PDF File
Zip File Appendix A, Data Tables, 104 pp., 3 PDF files (890 KB) ZIP File 
DVD Attachment 1, Supporting Information, (175 MB) ZIP File



These files document the locality public hearings held to solicit comments and consider resolutions to adopt the regional plan. No written comments were received, and all twenty-seven participating localities approved the Plan and provided copies of resolutions and minutes from the public hearings.

Regional Water Supply Cover Local Program Adoption Documents (October 2011), 324 pp., PDF (58 MB) PDF File
PDF File Addendum to the Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan Local Program Adoption Documents (March 2012) PDF File


Download the Final Plan by section:

Cover & Table of Contents PDF File
Section 1          Existing Sources PDF File
Section 2          Existing Water Use PDF File
Section 3          Existing Resources PDF File
Section 4          Projected Water Demands PDF File
Section 5          Water Demand Management PDF File
Section 6          Statement of Need PDF File
Section 7          Alternatives PDF File
Section 8          References PDF File

Appendix A:    Department of Environmental Quality Data Sheets for Local and Regional Water Supply Planning Criteria, Existing Water Source (9 VAC 25-780-70) and Existing Water Use (9 VAC 25-780-80) Information:

Attachment 1:  Hampton Roads Regional Water Supply Plan (Electronic Copy) and Supporting Information