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Water Resources

Regional Water Rates

HRPDC’s Water Resources Department collects information on water and sewer utility rates and fees and water use. The information is updated annually and is provided as a reference to local utilities.

Water use information is also used for regional water supply planning. Below is a chart showing how water use in Hampton Roads has varied since 2005. For perspective, in 2011 the daily water use of the City of Virginia Beach, the largest locality in the region with more than 437,000 people, was approximately 36 million gallons per day (mgd); that is enough water to fill 54 Olympic-size swimming pools every day. That year, the daily total water use of all Hampton Roads localities was approximately 150 mgd, which is enough water to fill 227 Olympic-size swimming pools every day.

Municipal Water Use in Hampton Roads

Note: Data compiled by HRPDC staff. Water use includes residential, commercial, industrial, and military water use from municipal public water systems, as well as treated water losses in distribution. For the summary chart above, 2008-2011 water use for Gloucester, Isle of Wight, Windsor, and Southampton County was estimated based on historic use. Water use by privately-owned water systems or well owners is not included.


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