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Sea Level Rise Viewing Tools

In addition to the HRPDC and local government efforts to understand the impacts of rising seas to the region, federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities are working to predict the effects of sea level rise at multiple scales.  Below are three online tools accessible to anyone interested in learning more about sea level rise issues.

(1)    NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer: Use this tool to view sea level rise and flooding impacts in your neighborhood.

Map Image of Hampton Roads from NOAA's Sea Level Rise Viewer


(2)  NOAA’s Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper: Use this tool to create and share maps of sea level rise and flooding, and view the potential populations impacted.

Map Image of Virginia Beach/Norfolk area from NOAA's Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

(3)   Climate Central’s Surging Seas Risk Finder: Use this tool to view fact sheets about predicted sea level rise impacts for your city or county.

Map Image of and Summary Info on Virginia Beach from Climate Central's Surging Seas Risk Finder

In addition to these tools, below are other resources that may be of interest, but require more time to become familiar with: