Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHRPDCVA
HRPDC Executive Committee
November 21, 2013 09:30 AM until 10:30 AM Eastern Time Zone
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Meeting Action Summary

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Agenda Page (Click Here for Full Agenda; by section below)

1.  Call to Order
2.  Approval/Modification of Agenda


3.  Coastal Zone Program-Grant Project Updates

Enclosure 3A: Land and Water Quality Protection-Final Report

Enclosure 3B: Coastal Resources Management Technical Assistance - Final Report


4.  2014 Legislative Agenda


5.  Study to Forecast Workforce Housing Needs in the Hampton Roads Region for 2033



6.  Submitted Public Comments

7.  Public Comment Period

8.  Approval of Consent Items

A.  Minutes of October 17, 2013 Meeting

B.  Treasurer’s Report

C.  Regional PNRS Reviews – Monthly Status Report

1.  PNRS Reviews
2.  Environmental Impact Assessment/Statement Review

D. Budget Amendment – Regional Construction Standards

E. Budget Amendment – HRMFFA MOU

F. Budget Amendment – SPSA Solid Waste Study 2018

G. Budget Amendment – UASI PPE Award

H. Budget Amendment – UASI Web EOC

I. Budget Amendment – Coastal Zone Award

J. Budget Amendment – Year-End Rollovers

K. Budget Amendment – TPO Carry-Over Funding

L. Budget Amendment – Personnel

M. CZM 309 Final Report

N. 2014 Legislative Agenda

O. Economic Impact of the Department of Defense

Enclosure: Economic Impact of the Department of Defense

P.  Resolution for Collaborative Government Initiative

Q.  Hampton Roads 2040 Socioeconomic Forecast and TAZ Allocation

R.  CZM Program Technical Assistance Final Report

S.  Authorizing Resolutions and Certification for FY 2013 SHSGP grant

9.  HRPDC Three-Month Tentative Schedule

10. Project Status Reports and Advisory Committee Summaries

11. Correspondence of Interest

12. Old/New Business


Location: 723 Woodlake Dr, Chesapeake, VA, 23320
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