Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHRPDCVA
HRPDC Quarterly Meeting
January 16, 2014 09:30 AM until 10:30 AM Eastern Time Zone
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Single Agenda Page

Full Agenda (by section below)

1. Call to Order

2. Approval/Modification of Agenda


3. 2014 Economic Forecast

Presentation: 2014 Economic Forecast

4. Sewer Consolidation Update

Presentation: Sewer Consolidation Update

5. Regional Strategic Plan Update

Presentation: Regional Strategic Plan Update


6. Submitted Public Comments

7. Public Comment Period

8. Approval of Consent Items

A. Minutes of November 21, 2013 Meeting

Attachment 8A- PDC Nov Minutes

B. Treasurer’s Report

Attachment 8B-HRPDC TNotes 103113

Attachment 8B-HRPDC TNotes 113013

C. Regional PNRS Reviews – Monthly Status Report

1. PNRS Reviews

Attachment 8C-1-PNRS Report

2. Environmental Impact Assessment/Statement Review

Attachment 8C-2-EIR Report

D. Budget Amendment – Personnel

Attachment 8D-PDC Budget Attachment

E. Appointment of a Southside HRPDC representative to the HRMMRS Oversight Committee

F. Contract for James City County Comprehensive Plan

Attachment 8F -  James City County Comp Plan Scope of Work-2  1-8-2014

G. Hampton Roads Watershed Roundtable Grant Authorization

H. Revisions to HRPDC/HRTPO Personnel Manual

Enclosure 8H - Draft Personnel Manual

I. Memorandum of Understanding Between HRPDC and HRTPO regarding Personnel and Budget Committee

Attachment 8I - MOU

J. Contract for Envision Hampton Roads

Attachment 8J - Scope of Work for CNU Contract

K. 2014 Economic Forecast

L. Consultant Services Contract Task Order

Attachment 8L - URS_TASKORDER_No 10_ FOG Website

Attachment 8L - URS_TASKORDER_No 10_FOG Website SOW

9. HRPDC Three-Month Tentative Schedule

10. Project Status Reports and Advisory Committee Summaries

Attachment 10A-DUC Meeting

Attachment 10B-REC Meeting Summary

Attachment 10C-PSRs

11. Correspondence of Interest

Attachment 11A-Dawn Brantley Recognition Letter

Attachment 11B-DHCD-Newsoms PG Housing Rehab App.

Attachment 11C-DHCD-Southampton CountyFranklin Cit.

Attachment 11D-My New Home

Attachment 11E-Letter from Office of the City Council

12. Old/New Business


Location: 723 Woodlake Dr, Chesapeake, VA, 23320
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