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ReadyHR.org Gets Renovated

ReadyHR.org Gets Renovated

Ready HR LogoOn April 16, the Ready Hampton Roads website, www.ReadyHR.org, will have a new look. Along with the new look, the site will have improved functionality and new tools and information for residents and businesses to prepare and plan for an emergency, as well as suggestions and tips for recovery.

ReadyHR.org offers one place to:

  • Connect with all the local emergency management offices
  • View all the local emergency management websites without leaving ReadyHR.org
  • Get real time weather alerts on every page
  • Links to sign up for alerts in your community
  • Information on how to prepare if you have extra needs such as medical needs, disabilities, or pets

Over the next several months, the region’s emergency managers and Regional Public Information Subcommittee will be enhancing the content of the site to provide more in depth, practical information so stay tuned and keep checking back to see what’s new and improved!