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Online Education Tools from

Online Education Tools from

When it was announced that Virginia schools would be closing for the rest of the school year, parents across Hampton Roads suddenly found themselves in uncharted territory: homeschooling. Educators are facing the challenge of equipping students with distance learning materials and parents are left sifting through a mountain of resources to piece together a meaningful learning experience for their newly at-home students.

The team behind wants to be a source of order in the chaos making some sense of the information overload. Each week, we’re sharing an environmental education lesson plan geared for elementary and middle school students based entirely on web-based learning resources. The lesson plans include informational videos, practical assignments, and fun learning extensions like crafts or science experiments. The first week focused on the water cycle and week two covered watersheds. A new lesson will be posted every Monday.

Access these online lesson plans and plenty of other environmental tips and information at

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