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New Tool to Explore Resilience Programs and Policies

New Tool to Explore Resilience Programs and Policies

Local governments of the Hampton Roads region are actively addressing current and future flood risk through project implementation, innovative programs, and local policies. To highlight these efforts across the region, HRPDC staff is coordinating with local government staff to document and track local projects, programs, and policies that support community resiliency to coastal flood hazards.

The HRPDC recently released a new online tool that provides a snapshot of local government resiliency programs and policies. Locality fact sheets can be explored through an interactive Esri Story Map that includes links to local policy and planning documents. The individual locality fact sheets feature the following categories:

  • Policy Fast Facts: Includes the local freeboard standard and a brief overview of documents that address flooding and sea level rise, such as comprehensive plans, regional hazard mitigation plans, and floodplain management plans.
  • Program Spotlight: Describes unique local programs related to resiliency, including grant opportunities, outreach activities, and initiatives to research and plan for flooding and sea level rise impacts.
  • By the Numbers: Lists the number of flood insurance policies in force and, where applicable, the locality’s Community Rating System score and corresponding discount on flood insurance premiums.

To view the new Story Map, visit HRGEO.org and click “Hampton Roads Resiliency Programs and Policies” under “Featured Story Maps.”

Image of Story Map from HRGEO.ORG

Image Source: Hampton Roads Resiliency Programs and Policies (2020)

In addition to the Story Map, an inventory of over 400 local government projects that will improve coastal resiliency is also available on HRGEO.org. Through an interactive Esri Operations Dashboard, information on project cost, status, and location can be viewed and summarized. The Dashboard, initially launched in May 2019 and updated in December 2019, contains over $3.3 billion in projects at various stages. HRPDC staff will continue working with local government staff to update the inventory and track progress on implementing flood mitigation projects. To view the Dashboard, visit HRGEO.org and click “Hampton Roads Resilience Projects Dashboard” under “Featured Web Apps.”