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The Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub

The Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub

Image that depicts the home page of the HamptonRoads COVID19 Impacts Hub

The Hampton Roads COVID-19 Impact Planning Hub was developed by HRPDC staff to consolidate information about the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in Hampton Roads. The Hub features a dashboard which tracks confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths since the beginning of the outbreak in our region on March 9, 2020. A variety of charts and graphs help visualize the information published daily by the Virginia Department of Health from a regional perspective.

Image from the COVID 19 Dashboard with Charts and data about the virus' impact in Hampton Roads

Each chart or graph can be expanded to view the data in a larger window by clicking on the floating four-arrow symbol in the upper right-hand corner of each box. The time series chart has a zoom bar at the top as well as a second tab located on the bottom for a different view of the same data.

There are also links to additional local, regional, state, and national resources provided on the main page in one convenient location. 

Moving forward, the Hub will also serve a place to publish special reports, analyses, and other data related to the impact of COVID-19 on the region. As we near the peak of the pandemic and then begin to emerge back into our normal activities, more data about effect on the economy, transportation, and the community as a whole will become available from a variety of sources. The HRPDC and HRTPO will analyze this data in order to understand the profound effect of the pandemic on Hampton Roads. 

Two specialty pages for Economics and Transportation have already been published on the Hub with some current information and data. Check back over the next few weeks and months for new information as it becomes available.