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8th Annual HOEPS Event Prepares Regions Healthcare Providers

8th Annual HOEPS Event Prepares Regions Healthcare Providers

The 8th Annual Healthcare Organizations Emergency Preparedness Seminars (HOEPS) was held April 22, 2014 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia. The all-day emergency preparedness training seminar for healthcare providers and organizations sought to help Hampton Roads healthcare providers develop an emergency preparedness plan and connect with their local emergency managers.

The annual event, sponsored this year by the HRPDC, Ready Hampton Roads, Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition, Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) and the Hampton Roads Regional Catastrophic Planning Team, is highly attended each year. Nearly 200 people were physically in attendance at the Convention Center with additional on-line participation throughout the day. This year’s event was streamed live on the internet.

The event kicked off with a keynote address from world-renowned disaster psychologist Dr. Grady Bray. Dr. Bray has an international reputation as a lecturer, author, disaster survivor and emergency response authority, and frequently serves as a subject matter expert on the topic for the media.  Dr. Bray joined other emergency management professionals assembled for the day’s event from as far away as Alaska.

Pending federal legislation will require all Medicaid healthcare providers to have a detailed emergency plan. For some providers, this requirement will be a challenge to meet.  This year's HOEPS event was a great first step in the planning process.

"Preparing for emergencies saves lives.  We want all of Hampton Roads' healthcare organizations to have detailed emergency procedures and plans and a well-trained staff,” said Dawn Brantley, HRPDC Regional Inclusive Emergency Planner and event coordinator.

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