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First Interoperability Rodeo

First Interoperability Rodeo

On April 22nd, the Hampton Roads Interoperability Communications Advisory Committee held the First Annual Hampton Roads Interoperable Communications Rodeo on the air strip at Fort Monroe. The event showcased local, regional, State, Federal, military, and private sector emergency management communications assets, and provided members of the public safety community, elected officials and the media the opportunity to view, explore, and learn more about these life-saving resources.The event was sponsored by the HRPDC, SRA International, and Fort Monroe.

Rodeo attendees were able to see the latest in public safety technology and learn more about the network of communications assets in Hampton Roads.

"Emergencies occur every day and having effective interagency communication can ultimately save both lives and property," explained Julia Hillegass, HRPDC Public Information and Community Affairs Administrator and one of the event organizers. "Hampton Roads is fortunate to have core communications architecture in place for linking key Federal, State and local agencies in times of emergency, as well as an extensive array of local and regional assets all networked for enhanced, state of the art solutions to incident management.

Collage of Images from Interoperability Rodeo