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Digging in with askHRgreen.org

Digging in with askHRgreen.org

Last week marked the debut of the inaugural issue of Green Living, your guide to everything green in Hampton Roads! Plans for this special section sprouted last year when the folks at askHRgreen.org were brainstorming ways to reach Southeastern Virginia residents with simple steps they can take to make our Hampton Roads region a more sustainable and vibrant place to live. In addition, we wanted to share information about the great programs our municipalities have in place to help you be good environmental stewards whether it’s at home, in the yard, at work, in school—or around the neighborhood.

Encouraging people to find their “inner green” is the premise behind askHRgreen.org, a region-wide public awareness campaign of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission and the 16 cities and counties we serve. The campaign features a website, www.askHRgreen.org, with page after page of “Good to Know” information, easy-to-do green practices, an interactive calendar highlighting regional events, community resources and the “Let’s Talk Green” blog, written by a team of local experts who work in the region’s municipal utility and environmental divisions. We encourage you to visit both the site and facebook.com/askHRgreen, and join the dialogue!
Green Living is an extension of our website, and we hope you find the news helpful. If you missed it in your paper last week, you can still access this great resource at:   http://www.bluetoad.com/publication/?m=22707&l=1

In this issue, look for info about:

  • The Great American Cleanup (April 27-28), a region-wide event in the national spotlight
  • Money-saving lawn and landscaping techniques
  • A cool green video contest that could win you a fantastic trip
  • Why we should “take back the tap” and drink tap water
  • A two-page “Green Living” layout to help you target hot “green” spots at home and in your yard
  • Why you should keep your drains “fat free”
  • How educators can earn cash for their classrooms
  • The askHRgreen.org calendar of green things to do

So dig in, enjoy and remember Green Living the next time you need a little green inspiration.