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Join askHRGreen, H2O-Help to Others in Celebrating Drinking Water Week and Give Local 757

Join askHRGreen, H2O-Help to Others in Celebrating Drinking Water Week and Give Local 757

Next week is Drinking Water Week and the folks at askHRgreen.org are already celebrating in a big way.Giant Magic Faucet On Display

On May 3rd there will be two pop-up events in Hampton Roads, one on the southside and another on the peninsula. Where exactly? Well, HOT 100.5, EAGLE 97.3 and 92.9 The Wave have been providing clues all this week on where to find askHRgreen’s Giant Magic Faucets on May 3rd. Yes, that's right…GIANT MAGIC faucets.

Clues are also available on askHRgreen.org’s website or following askHRgreen.org on Facebook or Twitter. The first 200 people to locate and visit the Magic Faucets on May 3rd , will receive an askHRgreen.org reusable shopping bag and water bottle. Additional prizes like a four pack of passes to Ocean Breeze Water Park will also be available to those who can crack our riddles.

The Drinking Water Week promotion is presented in conjunction with Help to Others (H2O) and Give Local 757. H2O is a community-based program that assists families who are faced with losing their water or wastewater services due to a financial crisis such as a death, disability or loss of employment. The one-time helping hand is made possible by donations and every penny goes directly towards helping families in need. This is the first year that H2O has joined with other local non-profits to participate in Give Local 757, the largest one day fundraising event in Hampton Roads. In addition to raising awareness about local non-profits and the work they do, Give Local 757 provides an opportunity for non-profits to win additional prizes and awards.

Donations of $10 or more to H2O on May 3rd will help give the gift of water to local families in need.

Imagine a day without access to tap water? From the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed, water is the cornerstone of our lives. It’s how we clean ourselves and sanitize our surroundings. It’s how we flush and scrub.  It’s how we quench our thirst. It also supports our community in a number of ways you probably never think about. For example, water available from fire hydrants enable fire-fighters to quickly put out fires minimizing the loss of life and property.  Water is also a resource that helps attract new businesses to the region.

The askHRgreen.org magic faucets are a bit of a riddle, but having tap water on demand 24/7 isn’t magic. There’s a huge system at work behind the scenes.  That system is responsible for pumping water through a complex system of processes that churn out clean, safe tap water for our convenience.

Bottom line: Don’t take your access to tap water for granted.

  • Read and understand your water utility bill. It’s not just about the water you use, it’s also about maintaining the 6,500 miles of pipes and other infrastructure required to deliver tap water to your faucet.
  • Keep things in perspective. A household can use 5,000 gallons of tap water a month for under $60 in Hampton Roads. Compared with the average cable, internet or cell phone bill, tap water is quite the bargain.
  • Conserve water every day. There are literally a hundred different ways you can conserve water. Whether it’s turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth or installing a rain barrel, make sure you actively conserve water each day.

Provide a family in crisis with the most basic necessity, water, by donating to Help to Others on May 3rd for Give Local 757 or anytime at HERE.

Remember, listen to HOT 100.5, EAGLE 97.3 and 92.9 The Wave to learn about clues to the askHRgreen.org Giant Magic Faucets locations on May 3rd or check the askHRgreen.org website. And, join us May 3rd to celebrate our most valuable resource!