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Eat More Ice Cream Cones: They’re Good for the Environment

Eat More Ice Cream Cones: They’re Good for the Environment

Our busy lifestyles often call for products and services that make life more convenient for us. Our groceries are ready for pickup at the time we schedule and we have a plethora of restaurant take-out options delivered to our doors like never before. At home and on the go, we tend to gravitate towards convenience items that aren’t really good for the environment. The end result is a lot of single-use disposable items that end up in the waste stream. That’s not so convenient for the planet. Here are a few quick tips to help us all gear up for summer fun that’s a little less disposable:

  • Reusable bottle of water in sand by the surfbreakStay hydrated at the pool, at the beach, and on the go by bringing a reusable water bottle with you. Skip the 24-pack of single use bottles in the grocery store aisle and fill ‘er up at the tap before you head out the door. A bonus is the fact that there are lots of reusable bottle options that will keep your beverage nice and cool for hours on end and kids can have fun picking out their own special one. No more hot sips of water on the beach for you!
  • Straws suck, so skip them. When you’re out and about, tell your server “no straw, please” when you order your drinks. That way, he/she knows your preference ahead of time. If you have kids in tow or need a straw for other reasons, grab a reusable one and keep it handy all summer long. There are lots of fun, colorful options to choose from.
  • Don’t get carried away! Those plastic beach pails, shovels, cactus-shaped inflatable rafts, etc. can easily get swept out to the ocean if you don’t keep a close eye on them. Make sure all your beach toys make it to and from the beach safely.
  • Ditch the disposable wipes. They may seem convenient for cleanup time on-the-go, but all too often, disposable wipes get flushed down the drain. Disposable does not mean “flushable.” You can flush your car keys, but you shouldn’t…and you shouldn’t flush wipes, either. Wipes clog pipes so whether it’s your commode or a friend’s or the community stall at the oceanfront, nobody wants to have to live through a sanitary sewer overflow.
  • Dine in, don’t drive-thru. Instead of taking your food to go, choose to eat in whenever possible. Dining in with family or friends is a great way to share a meal and you won’t have those disposable to-go supplies (Styrofoam containers, utensils, straws, etc.) to contend with.
  • Have an ice cream cone. That’s right, we said it: “Ice cream cones are good for the environment.” Choosing a cone over a cup means you skip the disposable cup and plastic spoon. Your entire treat is edible and nothing goes to waste…as long as you eat it before it melts!

A row of single scoop ice cream cones.