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HRPDC Joins the American Flood Coalition

HRPDC Joins the American Flood Coalition

American Flood Coaltion LogoAt is July 18, 2019 meeting, the HRPDC voted to join the American Flood Coalition (AFC).

The AFC is a nonpartisan group of elected officials, military groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local leaders who work together to develop solutions to sea level rise and flooding that support coastal and riverfront communities and protect our nation’s residents, economy, and military installations.

The Coalition provides a forum for best practices and supports developing local and state-level responses to sea level rise and flooding that will enhance local sea level rise planning and mitigation efforts. Because national coordination and support are necessary for coastal communities to fully address the challenge of sea level rise and flooding, the Coalition also provides a platform advocating for national solutions to flooding and sea level rise to support local communities. Joining the AFC provides support for the HRPDC’s efforts to protect against flooding without requiring any financial support or dues from the Commission.

As part of the Coalition, the HRPDC agrees to advance national solutions to sea level rise and flooding and as a member to work to safeguard the welfare of Hampton Roads region’s residents.  Representatives of the Coalition presented an overview of the organization and an update on recent activities during the July meeting.

To read the resolution to join the American Flood Coalition, click HERE.

For more information about the American Flood Coalition, please visit their website (https://floodcoalition.org/).

From left to right, back row, Robert Crum, HRPDC Executive Director, Andria McClellan, HRPDC Vice-Chair, Michael Hipple, HRPDC Chair, Susan Gaskins, American Flood Coalition, Keith Cannady, HRPDC Deputy Executive Director. Front, Anne Baker, American Flood Coalition Outreach Manager, and Annabel Cryan, American Flood Coalition Outreach Manager