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askHRgreen.org Suggestions for a Labor Day Beach Weekend

askHRgreen.org Suggestions for a Labor Day Beach Weekend

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and the folks at askHRgreen.org offer suggestions for enjoying the cookouts and activities on the farewell to summer beach weekend.

Aeiral view of Virginia Beach Oceanfront Beach with TouristStay Local – Living in Hampton Roads means there’s no need to travel out-of-town for a great beach vacation. Visit one of our local beaches or parks and save the gas and frustration of an out-of-town trip.

Respect the Habitat – Take note of designated pathways at the beach. Walkovers (wooden pathways to the beach and over wetlands) protect fragile dunes and wildlife habitat. These dunes and living shorelines protect coastal communities from soil erosion and provide a home for all sorts of amazing critters.Dune walkover in Va Beach

Pack a Waste-Free Picnic – Fill the picnic basket and cooler with reusable containers, water bottles and flatware instead of disposable options. If disposable products are a must, look for items made of recycled content.

Scoop the Poop – Pet waste causes cloudy, foul smelling water and bacterial contamination in local waterways. Dogs may love to frolic in the waves, but make sure their waste stays contained!

Pick up Your Mess – Never leave trash on the beach. Cigarette butts, water bottles and food packaging are all bad for wildlife and waterways. Use trash cans and recycling bins to dispose of trash throughout the day to prevent the ocean breeze from carrying loose trash items down the beach. When packing up at the end of the day, leave no trace behind.

Protecting our waterways and beaches doesn’t start at the beach. Be an environmental steward all year long by disposing of trash properly, using responsible lawn care practices, ditching the garbage disposal and always scooping the poop.

Practicing green living every day, means preserving beach vacation for next season and for years to come.

Find out more about green living at askHRgreen.org.

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