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Sheltering Exercises Receive Funding

Sheltering Exercises Receive Funding

The Inclusive Emergency Planning Subcommittee of the HRPDC’s All Hazard Advisory Committee (AHAC) received $20,000.00 from the Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition (EVHC) to complete shelter exercises in 2018 for people with real disabilities and access/functional needs both on the Southside and the Peninsula. 

The first exercise will take place on the Southside during spring break, and an additional one will be completed on the Peninsula during the summer.  The Subcommittee members will be working together with EVHC, VDEM, Emergency Managers, Public Health Planners, Departments of Social Services, the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System, Centers for Independent Living, Medical Reserve Corps and several private sector organizations to plan, set up, and staff the shelter, as well as observe, evaluate and shelter overnight with the participants. 

Approximately 30-40 participants with real disabilities and access/functional needs along with their personal attendants/nurses and family member(s) will shelter overnight. Exercise participants will take part in general personal preparedness training and discussion in the evening, as well as an after-action discussion following breakfast in the morning. 

The training seeks to focus on both personal preparedness and how to shelter in place at home and/or in a locality-specific shelter. Input from the participants and lessons learned will be documented and a video will be produced for region-wide awareness training, planning and outreach.