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Green Your Gift Giving this Holiday Season

Green Your Gift Giving this Holiday Season

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It’s easy to lose track of your concern for protecting the environment during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  So before you cross all those gifts off your list, check out these easy ways to give a little greener this year.
•    Before hitting the online and big box sales, check out local shops and farmer’s markets for unique treasures unlikely to end up in next year’s white elephant gift exchange!
•    Don’t be so material, give the gift of experience! Get gift certificates for dinner and a movie for your newlywed sister, a skydiving voucher for your adrenaline-junky brother or a donation to an animal rescue for your animal-loving friend.  
•    If you do go with a traditional gift, get something that will help others be eco-friendly all year long.  Fashionable reusable bags make ditching plastic bags fun and trendy.  Travel cups encourage people to choose tap water and other packaging-free drinks like coffee and tea.  And, if you give electronic gifts, include rechargeable batteries.
•    Crafty green giftwrapping options abound! Fabric, maps, your child’s artwork or reused tissue paper are all great options for wrapping gifts. And remember, reuse this year’s bags and tissue paper for zero waste wrapping next year!
•    If you need to make room for new holiday goodies, make sure to properly recycle your old electronics and donate old clothing and textiles to local consignment shops and thrift stores.