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December Map of the Month – Mappy Holidays!

December Map of the Month – Mappy Holidays!

To get into the spirit of the holidays this month, we have collected the locations of Christmas tree farms and holiday light displays in Hampton Roads and put them on a map! Both are holiday traditions that families can enjoy safely this year either outdoors or in a car.

While there are dozens of stores in the area that offer cut Christmas trees for sale, many people enjoy “tagging” a live tree at a farm in the fall and then coming back during the holidays to cut it down. We identified seven “you-cut” Christmas tree farms in Hampton Roads, all in rural areas of the region. There are also a few farms that offer fresh pre-harvested trees that can be purchased without having to bring a saw. Contact information is available by clicking a location on the map.

Large holiday light displays are also a family favorite. Many familiar Hampton Roads displays already up and running for the season. Identified displays include those that you can drive through in your car or in some cases, walk through. The map shows the locations of these displays along with links to further information about hours and admission costs.

For residential light displays, see the Hampton Roads Neighborhood Christmas Lights Map, compiled by a local real estate agent who is a holiday light enthusiast.

Map of Hampton Roads Depicting Locations of Christmas Tree Farms and Holiday Light Displays in the region.

Data sources:

There is not a comprehensive source for these locations so a best attempt was made to find them by utilizing Internet searches and local government websites. There is a chance that some were missed. For Christmas tree farms, the National Christmas Tree Association was also consulted.