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HRPDC Adopts Work Program for FY 2021

HRPDC Adopts Work Program for FY 2021

Cover of the HRPDC FY 2021 Work ProgramThe Hampton Roads Planning District Commission adopted the HRPDC Work Program for Fiscal Year 2021 at its October meeting.  The work program describes planning work to be performed between November 1 2020 and June 30 2021.  This document replaces the FY 2020 Work Program Extension that was approved by the Commission in May 2020.  The Board approved a limited, four-month extension of the FY 2020 Work Program in May during the initial phases of the COVID pandemic to allow for continued operations of the HRPDC until later in the year.

The work program includes projects to be undertaken for the region as a whole as well as for sub-regional groupings of localities and agencies. Also included are local projects to be carried out in cooperation with or on behalf of individual member localities.  The work program functions as a comprehensive guide to the activities of the HRPDC staff and supporting committees.  The work program is required by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) as the basis for the state’s annual appropriation to support Planning District Commissions.

The primary sources of funding for the HRPDC include:

•    Per capita and special contributions from member local governments

•    Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

•    Virginia Office of Commonwealth Preparedness

•    Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

•    Virginia Department of Emergency Management

•    United States Department of Homeland Security

•    United States Department of Defense/Office of Economic Adjustment

The work program identifies the activities of all HRPDC departments, including: Community Affairs and Civil Rights, Emergency Management, Environmental Education, Housing and Human Services, Planning and Economics, and Water Resources. Each of these programs concurrently considers many related issues, such as land use, water quality, socioeconomic characteristics, transportation, climate change, environmental justice, and public involvement and outreach. To ensure the most effective service to the Hampton Roads community, many of the HRPDC functions, as well as those of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO), require integration and coordination among several key issues such as flooding, emergency evacuation, population growth, economic development and provision of utility and transportation infrastructure.

The HRPDC Work Program may be accessed HERE on the HRPDC website.