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New Year, New askHRGreen.org Website

New Year, New askHRGreen.org Website

It’s bigger, brighter and blooming with more great green info! Just launched, the new askHRgreen.org website is now available. Featuring bold imagery, fun new tools and an incredible amount of content delivered to your fingertips, the new askHRgreen.org was created to provide a more engaging and informative experience for our Hampton Roads communities. 

Open the website and you can immediately select a topic of interest. Click on “clean water and waterways,” for instance, and receive related info in a variety of forms – water-related blog posts, news items, articles and local events. In addition, find relevant tips to share with friends, toolkit materials to use and social media feeds. The way the site filters and delivers information truly allows users to “ask” HRgreen like never before. In addition, the mobile responsive site looks great on all devices. 

Other cool new features include bookmarking, so visitors can quickly return to pages of interest; a robust event calendar integrated with Google maps; and locality pages where visitors can check for news, events and resources available in their home town. 

Give the new askHRgreen.org a whirl. It was created just for you, Hampton Roads. Enjoy!

Home page of the new askHRgreen.org website.