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HRPDC Action Summary

HRPDC Action Summary

By Julia B. Hillegass,
Pubic Information & Community Affairs Administrator

The Commission took the following actions at the Executive Committee Meeting on December 15, 2010:

Public Comments:

  • Mr. Elllis James referenced an article from the Tuesday, December 14, 2010 edition of The Virginian-Pilot by Scott Harper regarding the latest studies on the Chesapeake Bay.  Mr. James stressed the need for land conservation in helping to restore the Bay. The article can be viewed at: http://hamptonroads.com/2010/12/study-land-conservation-can-should-be-used-save-bay Opens in new window
  • Mr. Kyle Jaffe with the Southern Environmental Law Institute spoke of his concerns with the validity of the demand projections associated with the proposed power plant in Surry Co.  Mr. Jaffe recommends energy efficiency initiatives to reduce demand and create jobs.
  • Mr. Bob Burnley with Wise Energy for Virginia also spoke against the Cypress Creek Power Plant citing huge costs for its construction, as well as associated increases in nitrogen deposits which will impact water quality.

Minutes:  The minutes of the November 17, 2010 HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting were approved as part of the consent agenda.

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Regional Reviews:  Approved as part of the consent agenda.

Other items approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Authorizing Resolution for MMRS Grant Application
  • UASI Contract Addendum for WebEOC Technical Support
  • UASI Contract Addendum for Target Capabilities Assessment
  • Authorizing Resolution for UASI Grant Applications
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning Contract
  • Agreement with James City County for Bandwidth Reimbursement Using UASI Funds
  • Hampton Roads Watershed Roundtable Grant

Regular Agenda:
  HRPDC Meeting Schedule:  PDC members have discussed changing meeting dates to coincide with the TPO meeting schedule to alleviate travel times for those serving on both boards.  The meeting date would change to the third Thursday of each month, with a meeting time of 9:30 am. Such a change would require an amendment to the HRPDC bylaws and, as such, requires two readings of the proposed amendment at full Commission meetings.  The full Commission only meets quarterly, therefore in the interim; the meeting date will be listed as an agenda item at each meeting until the bylaws are officially changed.  Special meeting dates and/or times will be set as needed.

Economic Benchmarking Study:
Mr. Greg Grootendorst, Chief Economist, presented findings from the annual Regional Benchmarking Study.  Of note, Hampton Roads is now above the national average in per capita income; however, purchasing power of those dollars has not kept up, thereby offsetting the increase in income.  The report was approved for distribution. 

Chesapeake Bay TMDL:
  Ms. Jennifer, HRPDC Senior Water Resources Planner, presented an update on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP) submitted by the State.  Commissioners were concerned that while overall projected costs of implementation have dropped with the plan revisions, this is still a very costly unfunded mandate.  The Commission authorized staff to meet with the General Assembly and Congressional delegations and their staff to discuss concerns and potential solutions.  Staff was tasked with developing a timeline and strategies for this effort.

HRPDC Action Items:
  Staff has submitted tentative agenda items for the next quarter so that board members can be aware of upcoming topics.  It is hoped that this effort assist them in getting any background materials they may need, as well as coordinating necessary briefings from local staff.

Old Business:  Mr. Farmer distributed a status report prepared by staff on options for historic preservation training.  Commissioners were in favor of moving this effort forward.