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Virginia Coastal Zone Management Celebrates 25 Years

Virginia Coastal Zone Management Celebrates 25 Years


HRPDC would like to congratulate the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (Virginia CZM Program) for celebrating its 25th year.  Virginia CZM Program was established in 1986 to protect and manage Virginia's 'coastal zone.' This program is part of a national coastal zone management program, a voluntary partnership between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Ocean Service Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) and U.S. coastal states and territories authorized by the federal Coastal Zone Management Act.
VDEQ administers the program's annual grant award to state agencies, PDCs and local governments for implementation of the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program.  The program utilizes a network of state agencies, PDCs, and local governments which administer the following enforceable laws, regulations and policies that protect our coastal resources: Tidal and Nontidal Wetlands, Fisheries, Subaqueous Lands, Dunes and Beaches, Point Source Air Pollution, Point Source Water Pollution, Nonpoint Source Water Pollution, Shoreline Sanitation, & Coastal Lands.
The HRPDC has actively participated in the Virginia’s CZM Program since its inception.  HRPDC staff serves on the Coastal Policy Team, which advises DEQ on program activities.  An annual CZM grant supports the HRPDC environmental technical assistance program. Through regular competitive grants, the HRPDC has completed numerous technical studies and public outreach initiatives addressing wetlands, water quality, green infrastructure, water based recreation and sea level rise.

HRPDC looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Virginia’s CZM program to protect and restore coastal resources.