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Is there Really a Month for That?

Is there Really a Month for That?

By Julia B. Hillegass,
Public Information and Community Affairs Administrator

Yes Virginia, there really is an official observance, holiday, association or designated day for almost everything imaginable!  Some are important, some frivolous, some interesting and some very practical.  One particular observance in February that you should know about is National Responsible Pet Owner’s Month.  What more basic way to be a responsible pet owner than remembering to pick up after yours?!   There are lots of other things involved in owning a pet of course, but taking care when nature calls is not only the right thing to do, it’s the law!

Why so much fuss over what many consider to be fertilizer?  It contains nutrients, that’s true, but pet waste also contains bacteria that can spread disease.  Left on the ground, it can be tracked into your home or washed by the rain into area waterways.  Waterways where we fish, swim and play.  To quote our public service announcement—that’s gross!  So do your part as a responsible owner and pick up after your pet.