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Save the Date for the Great American Cleanup, March 25-26

Save the Date for the Great American Cleanup, March 25-26

Have you noticed more litter in your neighborhood over the past year? Many local cities and counties in Hampton Roads are reporting increases in litter along roadways and in neighborhoods, public parks, and waterways.  Residents can plan now to do something about it, by saving the date for this year’s Great American Cleanup, March 25-26.

Coordinated by askHRgreen.org, the regional two-day cleanup event draws about 1,000 volunteers annually to do a clean sweep of the 757. Military commands, local businesses and non-profits join forces with local government, civic leagues, and private citizens to remove litter from roadsides and waterways, tend community gardens, and improve public parks. Since 2019, volunteers have removed more than 47 tons of litter from Hampton Roads. Studies confirm that beautiful places are not only environmentally healthy, they also contribute to the region’s economy and tourism. Clean communities are better places to raise families, start a business and go to school. Everyone has a stake in keeping Hampton Roads beautiful!

Registration is open now and volunteers can sign up online at www.askHRgreen.org/cleanup. Volunteers can choose from leading their own cleanup in an area of their choosing or participating in a community cleanup. Supplies such as trash bags and litter grabbers are available from local litter prevention staff but really all you need is a sturdy pair of shoes, some trash bags, and a desire to make a difference. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Great American Cleanup has relied heavily on small groups of dedicated volunteers who pledge to clean up an area of Hampton Roads where they live, work, or play. Join us on March 25-26 and help make a difference for your community!

Four people posing near an intersection following a clean up