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HRPDC Goes Social

HRPDC Goes Social


By Joe Turner
Communications Manager

Attention Facebooking and social networking fanatics!  The HRPDC has a Facebook page! Next time you sign on to Facebook, search for “HRPDC.”  When you find our page, click the “Like” button.  Once you do you’ll have access to the HRPDC’s wealth of tips and tricks for protecting the region’s environment and resources, both historic and natural. You’ll know where to go to find out how the Hampton Roads economy is performing, or how we’re preparing for an emergency situation that affects all 1.6 million residents.

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Lights! Camera! Catch the HRPDC in Action!

Not only has the HRPDC joined Facebook, but we’ve added a channel on YouTube where we’re broadcasting videos. Couldn’t make last month’s Commission meeting? You can watch it on our YouTube channel.  In addition to meetings, you can also find commercials produced for our HR Green environmental education groups, as well as staff interviews on locally produced public affairs programming.

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