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Its Not New Just New to Me

Its Not New Just New to Me

By Julia Hillegass

Public Information & Community Affairs Administrator


With warmer temperatures, a woman’s fancy turns to spring, clothes that is!  Now here’s an observance you may not have heard of: National Secondhand Wardrobe WeekOpens in new window.  It’s really the ultimate in reusing, reducing and recycling!  I have long been a devotee of taking my better garments to consignment shops and my more casual items to local thrift stores or church clothes closets.

Having lost over 140 pounds now, I have been going through the many sizes of my closet with much greater frequency.  Now that’s a good thing for cleaning out your closets and a good thing for donating, but it can be a real whammy to the wallet!
The last time I took an armful of clothes in to be consigned, I had some time to shop the racks for myself and I found some great deals.  I picked up a skirt and silk blouse—both for less than $20.  The blouse alone I know retailed for over $80.

So clean out those closets and make room for spring clothes.  They don’t have to be new, just new to you!