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HRPDC Action Summary: Joint HRPDC HRTPO Retreat

HRPDC Action Summary:  Joint HRPDC HRTPO Retreat

The following summarizes the presentations, discussions and actions at the 2014 HRPDC-HRTPO Joint Retreat:

Public Comments:

Mr. Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky detailed his major concerns with HB1253 and SB513, primarily issues dealing with duplication, governance and default of the agency that would be created.    He urged those present to review the bills fully and contact their patrons to push for overhauling the bill with wider public input.

There were no written public comments submitted.

2014 Retreat Workshop:

Legislative Briefing:  Transportation Secretary, Aubrey Layne provided an overview of the statewide prioritization process as delineated in HB 2, which directs the Commonwealth Transportation Board to develop the process for construction funds, starting with the FY17-22 Six Year Improvement Plan and establishes criteria for evaluating the projects. While the factors will be the same statewide, their importance can be weighted based on district priorities.

Secretary Layne then reviewed the functions and responsibilities of the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, as outlined in HB 1253 and SB 513, emphasizing that the HRTAC will provide oversight and financial planning  to get major regional projects completed.  Powers of the authority would include: 

  • Issuing bonds backed by regional revenue
  • Setting toll rates
  • Negotiating public-private partnerships

HRPDC/HRTPO Organizational Structure:  In light of his pending retirement, Executive Director Dwight Farmer provided an overview of the traditional structure of the HRPDC, the addition of the TPO and the MOUs between the agencies.  In addition, the HRPDC now has an MOU with HRMFFA for shared support staff.  With the pending creation of HRTAC, Mr. Farmer presented alternative organizational structures for the boards to consider.  Much discussion centered on the importance of strong leadership for HRTAC, as well as ensuring efficiencies wherever possible.  The issue was sent to the Joint PDC/TPO Personnel & Budget Committee for consideration, with a presentation expected at the March or April board meetings.

There being no further business, the retreat was adjourned.