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HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting Action Summary: February 18th 2016

HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting Action Summary: February 18th 2016

Chairman Haulman convened the February 18, 2016 HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting. The following actions were taken and items discussed:

Public Comments:

  • Mr. Frank Papcin spoke regarding his concerns about wastewater treatment and discharges to area surface waters.
  • Mr. Ellis James alerted members that bitcoins were once again in the news.  He also praised the region for exploring water recycling options and for our high quality of drinking water.  Mr. James highlighted taxpayer distrust of government, citing recent state legislative activities relating to plastic bags as an example.

Executive Director’s Report – Mr. Crum announced that the regional Recycling & Beautification Committee of askHRgreen.org has won a National Program Award from Keep America Beautiful for the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program that reduced tobacco-related litter at seven Hampton Roads sites by an average of 74 percent across the region.  Public Information & Community Affairs Administrator, Julia Hillegass; Senior Environmental Education Planner, Katie Cullipher and Environmental Education Planner, Rebekah Eastep were recognized for their efforts with this project.  Mr. Crum then updated Commissioners on recent legislative efforts with the Hampton Roads Caucus in Richmond focusing on K-12 and transportation funding needs.  Staff shared a promotional video that staff developed in conjunction with Fairfax TV and WVEC to stress the importance of increased state funding for K-12 public education.  Members were encouraged to share via their local networks. 

 The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Meeting Minutes –  January 21, 2016 HRPDC Quarterly Commission Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report of  December 2015
  • Audit Contract for Financial Services

Aquifer Replenishment Study– Ted Henifin, HRSD General Manager, provided a summary of the proposed Aquifer Replenishment Project.  The intent is that this project will not only combat land subsidence, but offset nearly all stormwater nutrient and sediment reduction needs for the region, thus freeing up local funds to address recurrent flooding and other priority projects.  Discussion followed regarding timeline for local and regional endorsement and support of the project, as well as other benefits to water quality and economic development.

Chairman Haulman briefly reviewed the upcoming schedule, correspondence of interest and additional attachments.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.