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HRPDC 2015 Annual Retreat Summary

HRPDC 2015 Annual Retreat Summary

The following summarizes the presentations, discussions and actions at the 2015 HRPDC Retreat:

Public Comments

Ms. Donna Sayegh expressed her concern about the lack of opportunity for direct citizen involvement in the HRPDC Retreat, as well as lack of representation from the City of Portsmouth at this meeting.

Mr. Ellis James called attention to a recent report on the loss of fisheries due to acidification of the ocean.  He is also concerned that offshore drilling will exacerbate pollution problems and negatively impact tourism.

2015 Retreat Workshop

HRPDC Overview

The Principals of the departments of Economics, Emergency Management, Housing, Communications, Planning and Water Resources provided an overview of key projects and programs in their respective areas of expertise.

Envision Hampton Roads

Principal Regional Planner, Jai McBride provided an update on the status of the Envision Hampton Roads effort, including results of the community values listening sessions and the current visioning sessions being held throughout the region.  Julia Hillegass, Public Information & Community Affairs Administrator led Commissioners in an instant polling exercise and provided information on next steps and how their boards and councils can become involved.

Commission Priorities

Principals facilitated table discussions targeting the following issues:

  • The HRPDC’s role (if any) with respect to education
  • Prioritizing Sea Level Rise programmatic efforts
  • Economic and Workforce Development
  • Emergency Management/Regional Recovery
  • Shared Services
  • Housing/Vulnerable Populations
  • Regional Identity/Branding

The results from all of the table discussions will be summarized and presented at the March PDC meeting.

The Retreat concluded with an instant polling exercise to gather more information on meeting topics, logistics and ways to better inform Commissioners.  There being no further business, the retreat was adjourned.