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Be a Good Neighbor -and a Good Business

Be a Good Neighbor -and a Good Business


Good to Do – Litter Prevention Tips for Businesses

  • Provide and maintain convenient trash, recycling and cigarette-butt receptacles for customers and employees.

  • Use only covered containers to eliminate trash from spilling or blowing out.

  • Place creative signs that encourage customers and employees to properly dispose of trash or recyclables.

Rally the troops and Team Up 2 Clean Up in or around your business, neighborhood, or community.

Litter awareness is top of mind each spring, thanks to a bevy of beautification and cleanup events that take place across Hampton Roads. To make it easier for individual residents and groups to lead their own efforts, askHRgreen.org is launching the Team Up 2 Clean Up campaign at askhrgreen.org/programs/team-up-2-clean-up/ .

 “With 51 billion pieces of litter tossed into the environment each year, it’s everyone’s responsibility, from schools and civic leagues to businesses and neighbors on the block,” said Katie Cullipher, askHRgreen.org team leader. “Team Up 2 Clean Up” offers the tips and tools that make it easy to organize your own cleanup event, wherever you may be.”

Within the online toolkit, cleanup organizers can download posters, brochures and resources to educate their audiences about littering and also find tips to help conduct their own organized events. In addition, the site features a comprehensive listing of existing cleanups and community beautification programs throughout the region.

There is no such thing as a little litter, and the cost it imposes on communities and businesses is substantial. Left unattended, trash, cigarette butts and plastic waste can reduce property values, harm local waterways, endanger wildlife and impact quality of life.

While there are expenses associated with keeping the areas around signs, office doors and parking lots litter-free, consider the cost of fixing your image in the marketplace, cautioned Cullipher.

“Everyone can work together to prevent litter on the ground and in our waterways, which is preferable,” said Cullipher. “But when litter occurs, why not assemble your own team and make it a group cleanup effort?”

For more information about litter prevention and all things green, visit www.askHRgreen.org.

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