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HRPDC Approves 2012 Legislative Agenda

HRPDC Approves 2012 Legislative Agenda


In December 2011, the HRPDC approved its 2012 Legislative Agenda.  The Legislative Agenda was developed to provide the Hampton Roads General Assembly Delegation a sense of regional priorities and concerns as the General Assembly works through the 2012 Legislative Session. Historically, the HRPDC has addressed legislative affairs on an ad hoc issue-specific basis.  This is the first comprehensive legislative agenda endorsed by the HRPDC in nearly twenty (20) years. The HRPDC 2012 Legislative Agenda can be found on the HRPDC website at www.hrpdcva.gov

The Legislative Agenda addresses a wide range of matters, including housing, funding, water quality and other environmental issues and state government administration.  Of particular significance is support for establishment of the Virginia Housing Trust Fund, water quality funding and enabling authority for local governments to use in addressing the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and protection of local waterbodies. The HRPDC also supports funding a new state study of sea level rise in the region, including appropriate measures to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of sea level rise. The HRPDC continues to support financial assistance to localities for land use acquisition programs to protect Naval Air Station Oceana and Langley Air Force Base, programs to enhance and expand recycling, and environmental education. The HRPDC opposes the proposed constitutional amendment on eminent domain in its current form, imposition of state fees on local government services and unfunded mandates.  The HRPDC Legislative Agenda is supportive of many of the initiatives contained in the legislative agendas of the region’s local governments.