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A New Look for the HRPDC

A New Look for the HRPDC

By Julia Hillegass

Public Involvement & Community Affairs Administrator
The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) has a crisp, new contemporary look!  Our new logo is now being officially unveiled and we wanted you, our trusted partners and supporters, to be the first to know.  The new look is illustrative of the forward thinking, anticipatory assistance we strive to provide daily to our member jurisdictions.  While we've changed our look, our service and responsiveness will only improve as we enter this New Year uniquely staffed to tackle significant regional challenges and opportunities relating to the environment, the economy, planning and emergency management.

The HRPDC has served the local jurisdictions of the region for over 40 years-first as the Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission and its counterpart, the Peninsula Planning District Commission and then in 1990 merging those two entities to what we know today as the HRPDC.  Throughout that time, the HRPDC leadership and staff have sought to be forward thinking, cost-conscious and solution driven.  These are the core values that will help us to ensure the sustainability of Hampton Roads as the premiere region in which to live, work and play.

We hope you embrace our new look as you begin to see our brand evolution in presentations, publications and social media.  And don't think we've squandered your money---we created this new logo using our incredible in-house talent.  So join us on this exciting new phase of the HRPDC as we sail forward on a journey of unprecedented success!