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HRPDC Action Summary: Quarterly Commission Meeting January 21, 2016

HRPDC  Action Summary: Quarterly Commission Meeting January 21, 2016

Chairman Haulman convened the January 21, 201 HRPDC Quarterly Commission Meeting. The following actions were taken and items discussed:

Public Comments –There was no one who wished to give public comments.

Executive Director’s Report – Mr. Crum highlighted follow-up efforts from the Urban Crescent Meeting on Education Funding, which included a letter to the Governor and members of the General Assembly signed by over 100 elected officials, school board members and business leaders urging increased funding for K-12 education in Virginia.  In addition, Mr. Crum reported that he and staff had been meeting with the area’s legislative liaisons regarding the regional Legislative Agenda and preparations for the upcoming Hampton Roads Caucus meeting on January 28th.  All Commissioners were urged to attend.   

 The following items were approved under the Consent Agenda:

  • Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2015 HRPDC Executive Committee Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report of  November 2015
  • Budget Amendments

Reinvent Hampton Roads – James Spore, President and CEO, provided an update on the efforts of Reinvent Hampton Roads to enhance regional competiveness.  Mr. Spore indicated a strong willingness to work with the HRPDC and its Envision Hampton Roads strategic planning efforts to better align the region for increased efficiencies and collaboration.

FY 2015 Audit – Ms. Leslie Roberts with Dixon Hughes Goodman reviewed the various audit reports with the Commission, citing no material weaknesses or deficiencies in any internal controls or processes of the agency.

Economic Forecast – Senior Economist, James Clary, provided the economic forecast for the coming year reviewing regional, state and national trends.  Mr. Clary stressed that in the year ahead, low energy prices will mean that consumer spending will remain strong, and while interest rates have increased slightly, they are still relatively low.  In the negative realm, we continue to lose Navy personnel in the region and the housing market remains weak.  Chairman Haulman led Commission members in a discussion of the findings, which is anticipated to be continued at the next meeting. 

Chairman Haulman briefly reviewed the upcoming schedule, correspondence of interest and additional attachments.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.