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HRPDC Hosts, Staff Presents at Youth Partnership of South Hampton Roads First Meeting of 2018

HRPDC Hosts, Staff Presents at Youth Partnership of South Hampton Roads First Meeting of 2018

Youth Partnership of South Hampton Roads First Meeting of 2018 was held in the Regional Board Room at the HRPDC offices.The HRPDC hosted the first meeting of 2018 for the Youth Partnership of South Hampton Roads (YP-SHR) with over 50 of its members in attendance. 

Staff from the HRPDC’s Housing and Human Services (Shernita Bethea and Mignon Burton); Environmental Education (Katie Cullipher and Rebekah Eastep); and Emergency Management (Jenny Redick) attended and presented on some of the HRPDC programs, outreach and planning initiatives that benefit Hampton Roads’ youth and their families.

The Housing and Human Services Department shared with the group information concerning current work in the areas of Affordable Housing, Persons with Disabilities, and programs and services for the aging. Ms. Bethea also announced that the Hampton Roads Disabilities Board would be holding a training session on Medicaid Disability Insurance. Mignon Burton, Housing Specialist with the PDC, provided an overview on the various down payment and closing cost assistance programs available for low and moderate income families in the region.  

Katie Cullipher briefed the group on the regional environmental education and outreach program administered by the HRPDC. She provided an overview of askHRgreen.org and the recently redesigned website that serves as the cornerstone of the public outreach campaign. In addition to local events and information that can be found on the website, there are educational resources and lesson plans available for free for downloading. Ms. Cullipher also discussed the askHRgreen environmental education mini grant program. Anyone in the region working with youth K-12 can apply to receive up to $500 for an environmentally-themed project. Interested parties can apply online at askHRgreen.org.

Following the presentations, YP-SHR requested a return engagement with HRPDC staff to learn more details in the near future.

About the Youth Partnership of South Hampton Roads (YP-SHR)

The mission of YP-SHR is regional collaboration of individuals and organizations committed to the positive development of all South Hampton Roads youth. YP-SHR membership is comprised of community and city leaders, youth, parents, civic and community groups, military, faith-based organizations, business leaders, educators and youth and family service providers with expertise in various areas of youth development. The purpose of the group is: to educate, equip, and inspire those who serve youth to fulfill their responsibilities and mission. We care for the caregiver. 

Meetings are typically held on the third Monday of the month at various member agency sites. Meetings include a short presentations and an “up to the minute” timed-session where each attendee can briefly share any upcoming special events, trainings and “share juice.”  During the rest of the month, the 150 plus membership receives vital information about these same events, trainings, etc. happening in our community providing a great opportunity for outreach and collaboration!

Relationship building and information sharing amongst the group’s members is key.  One of its founding members has termed the collaboration as “sharing juice.”  Positivity and encouragement resonate at each meeting while getting down to the business of building our Hampton Roads community and its youth-related services for the benefit of the region’s children.

For more information about the Youth Partnership and member agencies, please visit: http://www.kidspriorityone.org/note/youth-partnership-shr